Welcome & Pollo Asada w/ Rajitas


Welcome to my new food blog.

My future wife gave me the idea to start this. So join me as I comment on the food I encounter or create. I am too in love with food (both what I eat and what I cook) to not commemorate some of the successes (or utter failure) in this space. And this will hopefully be a good reminder for when I can’t think of anything else to cook. So enjoy and now for tonight’s feature…

Very simple Pollo Asada topped with rajitas style grilled onions and a side of fresh guacamole.

Basically this all started because I wanted to make fresh guac (can you blame me?).

Guac = avo, 1 Roma tomato, diced onion, 1/3 Serrano pepper, lawrys garlic salt (secret weapon), lime juice

Chicken Breast = Marinated in lime juice, cayenne pepper, Carne Asada seasoning (from your local carniceria).

Onion Rajitas style (phenomenal and sooo easy): large strips of onion generously seasoned with the Carne Asada seasoning and a bit of light olive oil (not extra virgin)

Extra thanks to Wilson-Hayden’s for my awesome indoor grill/panini maker.


P.S. “PS” are my initials: Paul Severio


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