Stone Brewery


Toured Stone Brewery yesterday (with work actually).

Very cool place! Tasted 4 of their beers after the tour (and remembered how much I liked them all).

After, we had lunch in their bistro and I would highly recommend it. Appetizers included fried mashed potato balls with their smoked porter BBQ sauce and mushroom pockets in a nice peppery mushroom sauce (essentially mushroom in a very thin phyllo dough). My entree was a medium rare prime rib sandwich on ciabatta with a nice cheese and some peppers. Very lovely and you can bet I saved some of that smoked porter BBQ sauce for it :)

With that meal I had one of my most memorable beers ever: Russian River Valley’s Salvation. Maybe not the absolute best beer I’ve ever had (as I remembered it), but pretty damn near close. If you see it, try it. 9% abv btw, which is nice.

I left the gift shop without doing too much damage… 2 Vertical Epic glasses, 4 four ounce taster glasses, and 1 750ml bottle of Stone’s Old Guardian Barley Wine, which clocks in at 12% abv. Looking forward to sipping on that one.

Anyways, cheers for now


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