Memorial Day Michelada


One of my favorite go-to drinks when it’s hot. Some people may find it repulsive (the ingredient list doesn’t help its case) but it is delicious out in the sun and makes you crave more.

One of these days I will design a Michelada toolbox (more info below).

Micheladas come in all different varieties and I’ve yet to find a place that makes them the way my family does, so here’s our recipe:

Brutoco Michelada

  • a pint glass that is 2/3 filled with ice with a salted rim
  • juice from 1.5-2 limes
  • 1 mexican beer (best for this is Modelo Especial, Sol, Pacifico but not Corona :-p I’m biased against corona, don’t ask)
  • 5ish drops of worcestershire
  • 5ish drops of Tabasco (to taste–Michelada should tingle your lips a bit)
  • top with a floater shot of blanco tequila (I guess it’s optional but it is HIGHLY recommended).

Finished drink should have a light golden brown complexion.

Enjoy in the hot sun, as this drink is not meant to be had indoors or on a cool day.

Michelada tool box= middle area filled with ice and Mexican beer, bottle opener, holders for 1/2 cut limes, juicing tool, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, 1/5 bottle of blanco tequila, a small plate and coarse salt, 4+ pint glasses. All of this would fit into one contraption that could easily be carried down to the pool or other outdoor area where micheladas can be enjoyed by many. PATENT PENDING (no, not really)



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