Neighborhood restaurants: Eat Chow


I want to start highlighting the restaurants we are discovering around us in our new neighborhood so hopefully I’ll remember to pull out my camera (phone) before digging in. I didn’t this time (sorry).

This restaurant is more than worthy of recognition, however I hadn’t taken any pics so I was going to wait til my next visit. Since it may be awhile, and I found an article in the news, I figured I should just post now…


Eat Chow is hard to describe. It is a restaurant that is actually inside a boutique clothing store. The menu is diverse and truly top quality, featuring fresh and creative fare. I guess I would say it is a gourmet take on diner food.

Sadly, the co-owner of Eat Chow died in a car crash on Friday. Read more about that here:

Hopefully the restaurant survives because it is a great reminder of this man’s great work and more people should have the opportunity to enjoy his vision.

Caitlin and I went a couple of Sundays ago and she had a Fried Chicken Salad and I had the Ahi Burger with a fabulous Asian slaw and a side Caesar Salad. Everything was absolutely delicious and I was sad I couldn’t try more on the menu.

Sorry there are no photos for this one…I task you all with going and taking some photos yourself :) it’ll be well worth your time.

The restaurant is located right across from Triangle Square, on the corner of 18th and Newport and is very easy to miss so use your gps.

Here is the website:



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