Tastings Wine Bar – site for Rehearsal party


In Indy for the wedding doing some work and any final preparations for the big day on Friday.

So I decided to have a light lunch and a drink while i got caught up with emails.
I ended up at Tastings Wine Bar at the Conrad Hotel, which is where we will be hosting the rehearsal/ Welcome Party for about 130 guests.

I ordered the Sesame Encrusted Tuna Salad and the Pinot Grigio that the waiter had recommended. Both are delicious and they are wonderful.

I don’t claim to know how to properly describe wines but this one is fruity, interesting and refreshing.

The salad was great and had a strong wasabi drizzle on it that was nice with the Tuna and the Ginger dressing. As you can see the Tuna was beautifully cooked (read: hardly at all) and was nice and light. It was accompanied by avocado (always a good thing) and 4 thin slices of French baguette, though I always love extra bread, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. No harm, no foul. Maybe a little side of butter would have done the trick.

Overall lovely meal. I plan on stopping after my 1 glass of Pinot Grigio…but I make no promises (as I’m still here).

More about the restaurant:

It is a wine bar that features probably over 100 wines that are vacuum sealed and refrigerated so that you can sample whatever intrigues you. Tastes are sold by the 2 oz, or you can find full glasses, half bottles, or full bottles of course. It’s almost like an adult arcade: put some money on a card and find the ‘game’ that catches your eye and have the most fun you can with your friends. Count me in. Maybe they can just get skeeball and it will be absolutely heavenly (skeeball, wine, cheese and prosciutto should make any man happy).

The menu is very respectable and has a little more than just small plate offerings. There really aren’t many dishes on here that I wouldn’t be excited to try. It’s open for franchising so go give it a try if one opens near you (or put up the money yourself for one). Overall, a very good experience that I’d like to hang out at repeatedly. Not anything you’ve never seen before, but it certainly satisfies the wine bar need.


Anyways, very excited to have the Welcome Party here as it will be fun for all and encourage mingling amongst all the guests coming from afar.

Let the festivities begin!


2 responses to “Tastings Wine Bar – site for Rehearsal party

  1. I guess this post finally worked because it failed on upload previously. Anyways, the event was awesome and the food and wine were excellent!

  2. Yeah, what a night! What a weekend!I look forward to returning to Tastings some day — but mainly for the great memories it holds. Nothing could be as exciting as that great pre-wedding event, when so many people came together with high energy to share in toasting the beautiful couple, P & C.

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