Thursday Food Truck Roundup

I’ve spent several of the last Thursday lunches sampling various food trucks at their usual lunch spot: 80 Technology Way in Irvine.

Super convenient to my office and a welcome excuse to escape from the office at least once a week.

Although the line-up varies a little, the trucks tend to stay pretty similar: Barcelona Truck, the Lime Truck, The Flip Truck, The Sea Birds Truck, and occasionally the Sushi Rolling Van, Spud Runners, and the Bakery Truck (might be a different name).

Anyways, very fun to try so many different things… Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

-Barcelona Truck: Prime Top Sirloin w/ Chimichurri sauce and fries. Really tasty and cooked a nice medium-rare (pictured), shrimp taco & hangar steak taco, Fries with lime salt (pictured and simple but awesome)
– Flip Truck: Herbin’ Housewife–beef slider w/ Pesto and Brie (pictured and awesome), pollo asado slider w/ guacamole & grilled onion, and one with a Kobe patty… all were very good. The three came with good fries and a delicious truffle ketchup. I love having different sliders because I see no point in multiple sliders of the same variety (unless you are sharing as an appetizer). But trying different combinations is divine.
-The Lime Truck: Yum Yum Lamb Sandwich. A very good gyro (w/ground lamb patty instead of off the spinning stick) with a nice kick from sriracha and a great tsatsiki sauce.

Anyways this is a great Thursday lunch spot, but it looks like it has really started to increase in popularity so it nay not be as easy anymore. Keep an eye out for other local foodtruck gatherings. Not the cheapest but definitely a fun change of pace with several of impressive, gourmet options.


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