Euro-Inspired (and some extra kgs)


I’m back from our wonderful European honeymoon. And I’ve returned plenty inspired (and a little heavier). Going to Italy, Greece, and Spain will do that to you…

Take a look at the photos to get a sense of some of what I was inspired by.

Anyways, I look forward to all of the possibilities and combinations that I will be exploring (and hopefully you are too). I can’t wait to start buying more produce and combining them in different ways in order to achieve another country’s cuisine. With the above three countries I believe this is very possible.

Here are some of my leading ideas after returning from the trip:

-develop our own unique homemade base tomato sauce (which can be used for TONS of dishes other than pasta, though pasta can certainly be a main player) -work on my grilling technique (using the new grill I’m currently in the process of putting together)

-find as many uses as possible for tzatziki sauce (no explanation should be necessary as to why…)

-start using more and more fresh vegetables

-Creating my own tapas/small plates

Enjoy the exciting things to come!

What are some of your favorite versatile ingredients?


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